John Makepeace    Furniture Designer and Maker

A selection of books featuring
John Makepeace, furniture designer & maker

'British Design from 1948: Innovation in the Modern Age'

C Breward & G Wood, 2012

'Handmade in Britain'

Joanna Norman, 2012

'Confessions of a Design Geek'  Interviews Volume 1

Kate Treggiden, 2011

'Furniture with Soul'

David Savage, 2011

'Star Pieces'

Linley, Chislett & Cater, 2009

'500 Chairs'

Ray Hemachandra, 2008

'Bespoke: Source Book of Furniture Designer Makers'

Betty Norbury, 2007

'Furniture: World Styles from Classical to Contemporary'

Judith Miller, 2005

'British Furniture 1600-2000 - The Twentieth Century'

Christopher Claxton Stevens, 2005

'Materials and Inspirational Design: Wood'

Chris Lefteri, 2003

'Twentieth Century Furniture'

Fiona and Keith Baker, 2000

'The Crafts in Britain in the 20th Century'

Tanya Harrod, 1999

'Design of the 20th Century'

Charlotte and Peter Fiell, 1999

'Western Furniture - 1350 to the Present Day'

edited by Christopher Wilk, 1996

'Makepeace - A Spirit of Adventure in Craft & Design'

Jeremy Myerson, 1995

'Conservation by Design'

essay by John Makepeace, Editor Scott Landis, 1994

'The Victoria and Albert Museum Collections'


'Green Design'

Dorothy Mackenzie, 1991

'International Crafts'

Editor Martina Margetts, 1991

'Modern Furniture Classics since 1945'

Charlotte and Peter Fiell, 1991

'Encyclopedia of Wood'

introduction by John Makepeace, Editor Aidan Walker, 1989

'Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture'

Christopher Payne, 1989

'Design Protection'

Dan Johnston, 1989

'British Design since 1880'

Fiona MacCarthy, 1982

'The Art of Making Furniture'

introduction by John Makepeace, 1980

'Furniture - A Concise History'

Edward Lucie-Smith, dedicated to John Makepeace, 1979