John Makepeace - Furniture Designer Maker - 'Swaledale' stool John Makepeace - Furniture Designer Maker - 'Forum' table and chairs John Makepeace - Furniture Designer Maker - 'Obelisk' chest
John Makepeace is second to none. ...he produces furniture which is classic and modern at the same time - and represents workmanship at its very best.
Sir Christopher Frayling

John's approach to furniture design and making

"I am frequently asked where my inspiration comes from. Although each commission is different, nature is a constant factor. I am inspired by the way natural evolution resolves problems with results that are invariably elegant and enduring.

My designs are rooted in a long-standing fascination with our physical and psychological needs, the properties of different timbers and the way technology and individual craftsmanship enable new possibilities.

Nearly a hundred trees from sustainably managed English woodlands have been sawn and are seasoning in the purpose-built sheds beside the design studio, so that timber of exceptional character can be selected for each commision.

The history and evolution of furniture is a fascinating commentary on changing circumstances - social, economic, political and technological. Over time, certain designers become recognised as major players in that story. It is my goal to be among them."

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